Recurring Characters and Art Signatures

iatridz cartoon

Another cartoon for my client, I have several recurring characters in the cartoon/illustrations I do for them, my favorite of which is this poodle. I had just finished 4 more sketches on a variety of new articles they are running and am waiting to hear back, when something occurred to me. I have always signed cartoons in a sort of stylized way, spelling my last name ‘Iatridz’ rather than ‘Iatridis’. Well that would mean if someone searched by the signature name after seeing a cartoon on UBM, they wouldn’t find me, would they? So this blog entry is seeded with the keyword phrase ‘iatridz cartoon’. Because it’s such an obscure word I bet I make the front page of Google by the search term ‘iatridz’ in a few days. Will anyone ever search by that word? Who knows, but why not have the link back to this site in case someone does?

Paul Yandoli Photo

Been helping Paul Yandoli get a up a new site featuring his amazing photography. Check out

Boston-Maine-20051 by Paul Yandoli

Boston-Maine-20051 by Paul Yandoli